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Closed until June 2024

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“The feedback about women’s experiences in this mentorship program has been overwhelmingly positive and illustrates how critical women-to-women mentorship is.”


Minnesota Power,  Women in Hydropower Mentorship Program Steering Committee Member


NOTE: The application process for 2023-2024 is closed. We will open applications in June 2024 for the 2024-2025 mentorship cycle. 

The expectation is that pairs/triads meet monthly, for an hour; however, each mentor/mentee pair or triad group should work out a schedule that works for them. Applications are required for both mentors and mentees on an annual basis in order to participate in the Women in Hydropower Mentorship Program.


First Week of April: Open call for applications will be announced by the mentorship program Steering Committee 

August 1: Applications must be submitted to

Mid August  – September: The steering committee works to place mentors and mentees in pairs/triad groups based on the information provided in their applications.

1st Week of October: Mentor/Mentee Pairs and Triad Groups are announced via email

October: Mentor/Mentee pairs and triad groups will begin meeting 

The Steering Committee’s first consideration in making the pair/triad placments is time zones and language preferences. Then we seek to place mentors and mentees together according to the skill sets a mentee is seeking or the topics a mentee would like to discuss with a mentor who has that knowledge, skills, and experience.

If a participant of the program has any concerns about the mentorship pair or triad group at any point during a program cycle, the mentor/mentee is encouraged to contact the Steering Committee by emailing The Steering Committee will work with the participant to address any concerns and may result in re-assigning a mentor/mentee to make the pair more effective. If a new mentor is unavailable, the mentee will have preference during the next pairing cycle. 

Getting started in your mentoring pair or triad is an exciting time but may also feel a bit awkward. We have provided a number of resources for you to kick off the mentoring process. We believe that by first discussing the expectations of the mentor/mentee, you will have a good idea of how to proceed in the mentoring relationship and grow by supporting and collaborating with each other!

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